Dark Mario is a form of Mario who was both brainwashed and possessed. He wants to kill Luigi, Peach, Toad and the rest of his friends. He is the true final boss of Luigi RPG: Light Crystals. He is the main antagonist of the Luigi RPG series. He is unable to snap out of his brainwashed and possessed form in the Luigi RPG series until Luigi RPG X: Doom Daisy where he is a false unlockable and snaps out of his form for a 30 second cutscene. Dark Mario is a obvious spoof of Mr. L.


The beginning is the same as the New Super Mario Bros. Wii intro. Suddenly, Mighty Monster Kamek kidnaps Mario and takes him to Bowser's Castle. He possesses him and becomes a Koopa- like monster. To assure he won't be a monster hero, he brainwashes him. He reverts to his normal appearance, slightly changed. He now has darker clothing, bloodstains, glowing white eyes with a blood red tint, sharp teeth and claws. Mario still slightly wants to be free of this form. Suddenly, the transformation is complete. He says, Kill Luigi.. He sets off to murder Luigi.


At first, when Mario knows he's going through the transformation, he is unsure of how to act. When the transformation is complete, he is a murderous, homicidal, kidnapping, destructive, mind controlling, near invincible, black magical, forging worlds and a mix of many other villians.

    Β· Dark Doctor

A extremely murderous form of Dark Mario. He drugs his enemies and brainwashes them if it fails. He resembles Mario more, ( no glowing eyes, sharp teeth, claws and darker clothes.) but has heavy bloodstains. Β· Dank Mario- A stupid, memey version of him. He is the least murderous form. He is foul mouthed but always censored. He is poorly drawn. He is a spoof of Sanic teh Hegehog.


Ooh, a hammer sticker! I'll hammer you to death, Luigi! HA HA HA HA HA!