This was originally made on Fantendo as a joke to make fun of something.
Mario Poops: Pee On Pee.
Boxart wasn't made by me:
Developer(s) Nintendo Ead
Publisher(s) Craptendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, DVDS
Genre(s) Pooping game.
Release Date(s)
Wi-Fi, and 12 player game.
Everyone (contains crude humor)
Media Included Nintendo DS Cartridge, DVD
Series Super Mario
Predecessor  ???
Successor  ???

Mario Poops: Pee On Pee is a pooping game made by Fantendo. The game stars Mario and other random characters that are from, Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur day,etc. The game was developed by "Wikiboy10" who works with Fantendo. When the game was being made, Craptendo thought it was goning to blow. But it somehow was a strange success.


From Manual "Mario Poops

While Mario decided to go Pooping at Pikachu's house, Spike was brainstorming a Messy plan. Mario and the Toilet decided to go for a Pee. Spike and his friend Hector, put a Turd, to meet Mario at The Bathroom. Hector snatched Mario's Toilet Paper, his most prized possession. Mario Farting on Hector did no good. Spike just laughed and said, "Pee On Pee". Spike was Pooping away, leaving Mario stranded. Mario dropped to the ground and Crapped on the ground. He was very Mad. Now get your toilet paper back, in series of toilet humored games."

Playable Characters

Unlockable Characters

DLC Characters


Toilet. Coins, to buy extra food, to make the character poop. Lava, burn the character to get 100% happens rarely. Yoshi, skip the toilet challenge, to get the reward, please note that you don't finish the challenge. Troll face, crashes the game.

Request Characters

You can request characters, and the will be in the roster. Just tell me in the comments! Poll Down.


This is the first Pooping game by Craptendo This is 2nd game to be worked on by Wikiboy10, 1st was Super Mario 2D Land. The game was almost taken down, for copyrights, but it was Crap's content, and Craptendo had a gun at the lawyer's head scaring them.