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Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2001 - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Music Extended

Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2001 - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Music Extended

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Super Sayers! is a detective RPG game based around the character of Super Sayin Mario created by Wither the Boss. The game is a parody of other detective titles, specifically Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, as it is much more foolish than even the specified title. It was released in 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the sequel to Super Sayin'! and Super Say!. This is the shortest game in the trilogy, as it is downloadable instead of being a full retail game.

This game ends the first Super Say! trilogy. It will be followed by two more trilogies, with the next chronological game being Super Sayin' Stuff!.


The player plays primarily as the character of Super Sayin Mario, a rookie defense attorney at the Ion, Ject and Ob Law Officies. Players must investigate various (exaggerated) crime scenes, picking out pieces of evidence before being given a file from the police officers at the Funyarinpa State Offices describing the supposed events leading up to the crime. In the courtroom, Super Sayin Mario must "battle" the offence attorney using the evidence, as well as in an RPG fight sequence before showing off the final piece of concluding evidence.

This game also features the return of the social mode, in which the player is able to interact and even date the Super Sayin characters. It is unlocked after completing the main story.



Chapter 1

Despite taking place 143 years after the previous game, no characters have aged, with the exception of Super Sayin Mario's and Super Sayin Rayman's adopted son, Jason. Jason becomes an actor and moves to the nth Dimensional Hollywood, leaving his parental figures alone, forcing them to return to work.

On the day before he is supposed to return to work, he gets a call from the Clone of Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer, who has been working at the Fae and Ler Law Offices since the previous incidents involving Super Sayin Man. The Clone of Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer informs Super Sayin Mario and Super Sayin Rayman that there is an urgent case, and that they need all of their greatest lawyers on deck for it: including Super Sayin Rayman and Super Sayin Mario. The two agree and meet up with the others: Super Sayin DK, Super Sayin Kirby, both of which have since been let out of jail, Super Sayin Tails, Super Sayin Jigglypuff and Clone of Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer. When asked about the status of the Clone of Super Sayin Mario of the nth Dimension, Super Sayin Rayman is informed that he is the reason they are gathered together: he was murdered and no evidence can be found. Shocked, they ask who their client is, to which the Clone of Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer says that Super Sayin Mario is the main suspect due to him being the victim's counterpart. While he has a legit alibi with Super Sayin Rayman, the police also suspect them other being in cahoots, and therefore mark their alibis as suspicious. Not believing this, they travel to the courtroom, where the seven of them sit in the defensive row, facing their opponents: Super Sayin Catbug and Super Sayin Ness. Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer battles the two, and loses, before Super Sayin Mario and Super Sayin Rayman team up and defeat them quickly, pointing evidence as to why they were unable to be the murderers. The judge, however, doesn't buy it, and instead points to Super Sayin DK, who informs the jury (in grunts and moans, due to him now being unable to speak for some reason) that it was actually a drunken Super Sayin Catbug who had murdered him, as the evidence shows. Super Sayin Ness, shocked by this, reveals that he was actually the murderer, accidentally, and the police quickly haul him, and his unknowing accomplice, away.

Super Sayin Mario makes Senor Owen Onara's famous Bean Juice for everyone to celebrate, before meeting Super Sayin Lopunny. She tells them that she was in the courtroom with them, and said that they had done a fine job and that Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer should call her later.

The next day, they find Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer staked to the wall of the Fae and Ler Law Offices.

Chapter 2

But that's not all. All of their best attorneys are all found dead within the office: Super Sayin Wii Fit Trainer, Super Sayin DK, Super Sayin Kirby, Super Sayin Tails and Super Sayin Jigglypuff. Cop out? Maybe.

Investigating, Super Sayin Rayman and Super Sayin Mario find various clues around the office, including a trail of black cotton, each painted with a red skull. Following the trail, they are led into a courtroom, where they are up against Super Sayin Fat Richard Unten and Super Sayin Koloro. They find that Super Sayin Rayman is guilty of mass murder, and the judge kills him on the spot with a sawed-off shotgun. Quickly wanting to dispose of evidence, he throws a bomb into the jury, killing them, as well as Super Sayin Unten and Super Sayin Koloro. He then throws off his mask to reveal to Super Sayin Mario that he is actually a she: Super Sayin Lopunny, in fact, who testifies that she was the murderer. She then reveals her plan: to gather the Super Sayin Essences of those killed to be used to create the strongest warrior under her control, the Super Sayin Mutant.

She then calls upon her two servants, Super Sexualized Monster: Elmo and Super Sexualized Toddler: Dora, who quickly come out and duel Super Sayin Mario, allowing Super Sayin Lopunny to escape.

Chapter 3

Super Sayin Mario beats Super Sexualized Monster: Elmo and Super Sexualized Toddler: Dora and flees, looking for Super Sayin Mario while avoiding any police officers. He traces the Lopunny to a small warehouse, where she easily traps him in a cube of ice. Trying to escape, she reveals that with Elmo and Dora dead, she now has enough Super Sayin Essences to create the Super Sayin Mutant.

Throwing the lever Kronk!, she reveals the monstrosity: Super Sayin Yoshi mutated into a giant killing machine. With the essences of his those killed backing him up, Super Sayin Mario duels Super Sayin Yoshi in a dramatic battle. Wishing to free the souls, he tries to revert Super Sayin Yoshi to his original form by destroying the purple, spiralling jewel embedded into his nose. When he does, all of the Super Sayin Essences pass to Super Sayin Heaven, where they can rest happily.

Thanking all of the Super Sayins for their help, he then sets off past a now-normal Super Sayin Yoshi's corpse, to find Super Sayin Lopunny waiting for him, shocked. Around her sits the corpses of all the other Super Sayins, from Super Sayin Shulk and Wii Fit Trainer, to Super Sayin Kirby and Super Sayin Jigglypuff. Before Super Sayin Mario thinks he is a goner, Super Sayin Luigi appears and attacks Super Sayin Lopunny, saying that she forgot about him. She denies that, simply stating that he's been in two games and done zilch, killing him instantly through a magical force unseen to the human eye. Now angered, Super Sayin Mario tries to avenge his villainous brother by fighting Super Sayin Lopunny.

He initially loses. Then he tries again, this time calling upon the Super Sayin Essences to back him up. All of the characters from the previous games cheer him on, as he fights Super Sayin Lopunny, this time transforming into Super Duper Sayin Mario Ultima Hyper Remix 2 HD Prestige Edition, allowing him to quickly beat Super Sayin Lopunny. With her defeated, she uses her last efforts to summon the strange God Waluigi and steals his powers.

Now, with his powers useless against a god, Super Duper Sayin Mario Ultima Hyper Remix 2 HD Prestige Edition pleas and cries before Jason shows up, riding atop the giant Super Sayin Ridley and uses his amazingly Super Sayin good looks to kill Super Sayin Lopunny with a single glance. He then gets all the hot babes and then goes to Mars where he gets a tan and lives happily ever after.

Super Duper Sayin Mario Ultima Hyper Remix 2 HD Prestige Edition, utterly confused about the events that unfolded in front of him, randomly combusts and transforms into the normal Mario. Using the last of his remaining Super Duper Sayin Ultima Hyper Remix 2 HD Prestige Edition powers, he opens up a portal to another dimension, where he can live out a life of peace: the Mushroom Kingdom.

"I think you all know what happens next" he says, flipping through a book archiving all his Mushroom Kingdom adventures, where he has masqueraded as the real Mario and taken his place. The final image shows him and Luigi laughing as they eat ice cream, with a dirty and sad Mario looking out from the jail beside them.

The end. For reals this time, yo.

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